Plain Redemption


She was young and beautiful with a smile that wasn’t easily forgotten. In many ways, her life had just begun and she had reasons to live that she never had before. The moment was bitter, yet sweet in an abstract way. Less than two weeks earlier, family and friends had driven to this same location, also for a special event, but drastically different in every way imaginable. What about him? Would his faith sustain him through the storm?

Page Count: 232
Dimensions: 6×9×0.75in
Book Type: Soft Cover

Author Bio:
Amos Raber grew up on an Amish farm in Montgomery, Indiana. He is married to his best friend Margaret, the author of the Food for Life cookbook, and together they have five lively children. Amos serves as an assistant pastor in their local congregation and enjoys songwriting when he finds the time. He has always loved music and has recorded twelve albums over the years. The Rabers live in northern Indiana and travel across the United States, Canada and Mexico serving in ministry through live music and speaking engagements.

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