A Serving Leader’s Devotional


“A transformational leadership guide, straight from the life of Jesus.” -John Stahl-Wert, Co-author, The Serving Leader

Jesus influenced thousands of people during his three-year stint of ministry. But more importantly, he focused on developing a handful of disciples who turned his vision into a global movement. How did Jesus do it without position or title? Why was his leadership point of view largely informed by serving and self-denial? How did Jesus infuse his passion and purpose into the hearts of his followers? In A Serving Leader’s Devotional, Luke Kuepfer helps you discover some answers by closely examining both the teachings and example of Jesus Christ.

As founder and former field director of a non-profit organization, Luke learned leadership through experience and the pursuit of his greatest leadership role model ever—Jesus Christ. Looking at the Gospel of Matthew through the lens of serving leadership, he shares profound and practical insights that will help you discover how Jesus:

• Ultimately served his Audience of One
• Focused on a few to impact the many
• Stayed aligned with his mission
• Developed and empowered new leaders
• Dealt with temptation, opposition, and rejection

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