Our Vision

The Amos Raber Family


My mother says I could sing before I was able to talk I am very grateful for the singing opportunities God has given me over the past years. Margaret and I enjoy writing and singing songs that share stories and nuggets of truth that encourages the hearts of people. It is very exciting to hear and see the children’s interest in singing!

Preaching and Teaching

The world we’re living in is rapidly embracing relativism, truth is what you decide is right for you and therefore ruling out absolute truth. My heart throbs to proclaim the simple yet profound truth of God’s Word, not only to a lost and dying world but also for the refreshing of Gods people. Remembering that the ultimate war we’re in is not carnal, but spiritual.

Marriage Enrichment

We as God’s people have a high respect for the Church, the body of Christ and rightfully so, but the marriage institution was created in the beginning several thousand years before the church! It’s as old as time itself! I find it very fascinating that when the Creator was looking for a way to help us understand His new covenant, He chose to use the union of marriage!

Is it any wonder that satan has leveled all the artillery of hell against it to destroy it? Margaret and I have a desire to encourage couples to not just exist but rather be proactive in growing together with each other and with Jesus. When a couple is willing to be real and grow in spite of their pain and difficulties, it creates positive ripple effects in our homes, churches, communities and world.